Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oil Drilling News



Feds, parish presidents devising Gulf recovery plan

“Retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen laid out a three-pronged plan on Thursday he said could start once the sunken well in the Gulf is permanently sealed, and he said things are progressing as planned for that final solution, two weeks after the ruptured well was capped and stopped leaking. "We continue to make good progress towards both the static kill and the bottom relief well," Allen said. "We look to be laying the casing line into the relief well later on this evening and cementing that. That will set the stage for us to move on with the static kill, which will be pumping the mud and the cement in from the top of the well." Allen said there's a chance the static kill timeline could be accelerated, depending "on how successful they are laying the casing and moving forward," but tempered that expectation by saying, "Let's hold at Monday until we actually see if we gain any time." The relief well may be ready for the "bottom kill" effort five to seven days after the static kill.”


Gulf awash in 27,000 abandoned wells

We posted this one about three weeks ago, but it’s worth repeating given the abandoned well that just erupted after being hit by a boat.


Majority of spilled oil in Gulf of Mexico unaccounted for in government data

“Up to 4 million barrels (167 million gallons), the vast majority of the spill, remains unaccounted for in government statistics. Some of it has, most likely, been cleaned up by nature. Other amounts may be gone from the water, but they could have taken on a second life as contaminants in the air, or in landfills around the Gulf Coast. And some oil is still out there -- probably mixed with chemical dispersants. Some scientists have described it floating in underwater clouds, which one compared to a toxic fog. “




100 days of oil: Gulf life will never be the same


Experts: Health Hazards in Gulf Warrant Evacuations

This was published last week, so maybe the situation has improved, but………maybe not.


Wal-Mart stops fresh seafood sales in Florida, denies BP oil spill connection


The latest fishery closure area

Unchanged from last week. Still 57,539 sq mi (149,026 sq km), covering about 24% of the Gulf of Mexico exclusive economic zone.




In Big Shift, Californians Oppose Offshore Oil Drilling

“A solid majority of the state’s residents now oppose more offshore drilling (59% oppose, 36% favor)—a 16-point increase in opposition from last year (43% oppose, 51% favor).”




Residents Say No To Jersey Shore Drilling

“Just 31% of Garden State residents are in favor of drilling for oil or gas off the New Jersey coast, while 63% are opposed. This marks a turnaround from two years ago, when a majority of 56% favored

this energy option compared to only 36% who opposed it.”