Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Gas prices spur move to open offshore drilling in California, Alaska, East Coast

"...House Republicans on Tuesday launched a drive to open up more coastal areas to oil drilling, including a stretch off Southern California."

GOP wants drilling off Virginia's coast

"The bills, co-sponsored by Reps. Rob Wittman, R-Westmoreland, and Scott Rigell, R-Virginia Beach, would end a moratorium put in place after last year's Gulf of Mexico oil spill

One bill would require the Department of the Interior to hold lease sales for Virginia within one year of the bill becoming law." 

Republicans Vitter, Bishop Plan Legislation to Boost Oil Output

"The bill would expand offshore drilling, change the permitting process and revise the Clean Air Act, ..."

Capps Blasts Proposed Offshore Drilling Legislation

"Here we go again. House Republicans are making a promise to American families they simply can't deliver. They're telling the public that new offshore drilling will bring them relief from $4 per gallon gasoline. Here's the harsh reality: We cannot drill our way out of this problem. We don't have the oil. And we're never going to have it."

Environment America Comments to House Natural Resources Committee
"In an effort to craft a modern day fairy tale, the Natural Resources Committee continues to call in witnesses and to produce bills that claim the best way to create new energy and lower gas prices is to drill more and drill anywhere.  This is pure mythology—in the real world, the only way to overcome the consequences of our oil dependence is to get off oil. 
The only people who stand to benefit from more drilling are the oil companies and energy market speculators who have worked to cause this problem to begin with. American families pay their whopping gas bill at the pump while Big Oil companies bank billions in profits each quarter and then claim they need billions of dollars more in tax breaks to keep drilling in the U.S. Ending these subsidies to Big Oil is a real deficit reduction opportunity waiting to be grabbed by this Congress. 
Instead of helping Big Oil and the speculators, the Natural Resources Committee should be focused on getting our country off oil as quickly as possible.  We're improving car mileage already and we can do better–establishing 60 mpg standards for cars and trucks through 2025 could cut our oil dependence by nearly one third. 
We are building solar and wind electricity plants and must invest further in these technologies. Offshore wind installations in the Atlantic Ocean could generate more electricity than is produced by all states on the Atlantic seaboard but this Committee isn't talking about that. We can tap into American ingenuity to expand mass transit, increase building energy efficiency, and invest in any number of new, clean technologies, yet Big Oil's allies in congress only talk about cutting these programs. 
Our future is in clean renewable forms of energy more efficient cars, energy efficient buildings and robust public transit development, not subsidies to Big Oil to expand drilling." 

"True energy independence starts at home and we are encouraged by the President's commitment to moving our nation beyond its dangerous addiction to oil.

As the President said, with soaring oil prices, Middle East unrest, national security concerns and disasters like the BP Gulf disaster, we cannot afford to hit the snooze button again on our energy independence. 

Today the Sierra Club joined the Center for American Progress and the League of Conservation Voters in releasing a "Cleaner Cars, Less Foreign Oil" plan, calling for President Obama and Congress to set firm targets for ending Big Oil's stranglehold on our economy. 

To save Americans money at the pump, we propose the following four-part plan:

  • Cut foreign oil use by 5 percent annually, and in half by 2022;
  • Build 21st century cars that get 60 miles per gallon by 2025 and invest in smart transportation choices like high speed rail;
  • End tax loopholes and government handouts for Big Oil, and invest one cent per dollar of Big Oil profit into ultra-clean vehicle research and development;
  • Stop speculators from driving up oil prices.
We join the President in his call for American ingenuity and innovation and we share his vision for a safer, healthier and more prosperous nation.  However, the Sierra Club is firmly opposed to the misconception that coal or nuclear power can ever be clean. 

Instead of perpetuating our dependence on dirty energy, we urge the President and Congress to take meaningful action to move America into a clean energy economy."

Defenders of Wildlife 
Response to President Obama's Speech on Energy Security
"Thankfully President Obama is confronting our addiction to oil. While we don't agree with everything the President said today, particularly his short-term plan to ramp up new domestic drilling and suggestions that this could include frontier areas in Alaska, he has a long-term plan for diversifying energy sources, improving energy efficiency and transitioning to a cleaner, more sustainable future. This stands in stark contrast to the members of Congress who are solely focused on helping their Big Oil buddies continue to make obscene profits while most Americans struggle to pay rapidly rising gas prices. 
The Obama administration is taking some right and necessary steps to reduce our long-term dependence on foreign oil. But a key element that was missing from today's speech was a reaffirmed commitment to accelerating the development of environmentally-responsible renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal today. In the long term, these are the only truly secure and reliable sources of energy we have. 
Responsible, sustainable and secure energy development can only be achieved if we're smart from the start. With the right policies in place, we can improve transportation, reduce prices at the pump, and still power our homes and cities. We can do so without sacrificing clean air, drinking water, wildlife, and the health of our planet and its people. We need to not only reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but also transition away from dirty, polluting fuels altogether. It is the only responsible thing to do."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Obama Sets Goal of One-Third Cut in Oil Imports

"He will call for a consistent long-term fuel-savings strategy of producing more electric cars, converting trucks to run on natural gas, building new refineries to brew billions of gallons of biofuels and setting new fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles."

How to keep a bill secret? No emails

"Jointly, Hastings's three bills would open waters off Southern California and much of the Atlantic Coast to drilling, set hard deadlines for the Obama administration to approve drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico and require the administration to quickly move forward on lease sales off Virginia and in the western Gulf."

Sea Turtle Deaths Anger Mississippi Residents

"Gulfport's Institute for Marine Mammal Studies reports it has collected 38 dead or stranded turtles in Mississippi this year, most in the past few weeks. As is the case with dolphin strandings this year, turtle tissue samples are turned over to the The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), which does necropsies and further testing."

Sea turtle deaths up along Gulf, joining dolphin trend

Gulf Coast Residents Dismayed as Effects of Oil Spill Continue
"Medical issues," Armand says, "many residents have medical issues. BP is not cleaning the beaches. They are burying the problem. We will have children on these beaches. First thing they do will be to dig in the sand, and they will come up with oil.  "The air quality - I don't even believe anyone is even testing the air anymore."

Shrimp Trawling Re-Suspending BP Oil? (Skytruth)
More Dead Sealife Continues to Plague U.S. Beaches

"Months after the hundreds of birds fell dead from the sky and after thousands of dead fish, crabs, sardines, dolphins, and whales washed ashore worldwide, more dead fish washed ashore in Alabama, and a dead whale washed ashore in Virginia. 

There's still no cause for the hundreds of dead fish that were found dead along the gulf shores over the weekend."

Counting corpses underestimates Deepwater Horizon whale toll

"A paper published today in Conservation Letters suggests that the number of whales and dolphins killed during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill could be as much as 50 times that originally reported."


European Union Proposes Banning Gas Fueled Vehicles by 2050

Charging ahead: Report predicts 3.8 million electrics on road by 2016

California Raises Renewable Energy Requirements

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Bills, Baby, Bills

"Frustrated by the Obama administration's slow pace in restarting offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon accident last year, Republicans in Congress are proposing a range of bills to force the administration to accelerate the granting of drilling permits and open new offshore areas to oil and gas exploration."

Offshore oil drilling fight heats up

"The rhetoric about domestic oil drilling reached a fever pitch in Washington this week with the Obama administration touting the approval of more Gulf deepwater drilling permits and Republicans countering that the pace of permitting is still too slow."


"All of the Above" Is No Energy Policy

"..."all of the above" -- coal, oil, gas, nuclear, solar, wind, and so on -- 

 is a not an energy policy; it's a cop-out. It's how elected officials dodge hard choices about our energy security. It's how they avoid political backlash from energy interests, especially those with money and clout such as coal, oil and nuclear. 

"All of the above" is how elected officials minimize their personal political risk by shifting it onto the shoulders of the American people, who have to live with the consequences."

Five Myths About Gas Prices
"Americans have shown that they can adjust their behavior when faced with sticker shock at the pump. As gas prices rose from $2.31 per gallon in 2005 to $3.30 per gallon in 2008, sales of the Toyota Prius eclipsed those of the Ford Explorer, and public transit use reached a 50-year high. When it costs $30 to fill up a Geo Metro with regular, all options are on the table."

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Editorial: Drilling risks exposed

"BP's fault, Transocean's fault, Cameron International's fault, nobody's fault — all we know is the failure of the blowout preventer to do what it was designed to do — prevent the Deepwater Horizon disaster — underscores just how much of a gamble deepwater offshore drilling really is."

Device's Design Flaw Let Oil Spill Freely

""They have to rethink the whole design," said Elmer P. Danenberger III, who is not involved in the investigation, but oversaw U.S. offshore drilling rules until he retired in December 2009. 

The investigators' finding could be a problem for the oil industry. Drilling rigs around the world rely on blowout preventers, most of them with the same basic design as the one that failed on the Deepwater Horizon."


Volunteers work to repair wetlands damaged by Gulf oil spill

"Carrere said she worried that the rest of the country was convinced everything was fine and that the oil was no longer causing harm. "Based on what we're seeing today, it's obviously not fine," she said. "And it will require attention for many years.""

Friday, March 25, 2011

Oil Drilling News

"Wildlife biologists contracted by the National Marine Fisheries Service to document spikes in dolphin mortality and to collect specimens and tissue samples for the agency were quietly ordered late last month to keep their findings confidential."


Another Gulf oil spill shows need for better oversight


ExxonMobil expects to resume USG deepwater drilling within weeks

Meet the New Oil Spill Response Plan - Same as the Old Oil Spill Response Plan  (Rachel Maddow Video Report)


100% Renewable Energy By 2050 Is Possible - Here's How We Can Do It

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Oil Washing Up on Shores Came From Gulf

Cleanup lingers off Grand Isle and Fourchon

Houston company accepts responsibility for oil spill off Louisiana

Shallow Gulf well is source of mysterious oil sheen near Grand Isle, state official says

Oil Spill Washes Up On Louisiana Coast As New Drilling Authorized

Gulf Spill - Not So Fast - Problem at LOOP? (Skytruth)

Gulf Spill - Source? (Skytruth)

"Coast Guard has tentatively identified a well damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 as the source of the oil spill last weekend that came ashore in Louisiana."


Device's Design Flaw Let Oil Spill Freely

US Investigators: Trapped Piece Of Drill Pipe Prevented Sealing Of BP Well


Half of the world's rockhopper penguins threatened by oil spill

Oil Spill in South Atlantic Threatens Endangered Penguins

"More than 800 tons of fuel oil has leaked from the Maltese-registered ship, which ran aground on Nightingale Island, part of the Tristan da Cunha archipelago, a British territory, early in the morning of March 16, local officials said."