Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Obama Sets Goal of One-Third Cut in Oil Imports

"He will call for a consistent long-term fuel-savings strategy of producing more electric cars, converting trucks to run on natural gas, building new refineries to brew billions of gallons of biofuels and setting new fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles."

How to keep a bill secret? No emails

"Jointly, Hastings's three bills would open waters off Southern California and much of the Atlantic Coast to drilling, set hard deadlines for the Obama administration to approve drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico and require the administration to quickly move forward on lease sales off Virginia and in the western Gulf."

Sea Turtle Deaths Anger Mississippi Residents

"Gulfport's Institute for Marine Mammal Studies reports it has collected 38 dead or stranded turtles in Mississippi this year, most in the past few weeks. As is the case with dolphin strandings this year, turtle tissue samples are turned over to the The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), which does necropsies and further testing."

Sea turtle deaths up along Gulf, joining dolphin trend

Gulf Coast Residents Dismayed as Effects of Oil Spill Continue
"Medical issues," Armand says, "many residents have medical issues. BP is not cleaning the beaches. They are burying the problem. We will have children on these beaches. First thing they do will be to dig in the sand, and they will come up with oil.  "The air quality - I don't even believe anyone is even testing the air anymore."

Shrimp Trawling Re-Suspending BP Oil? (Skytruth)
More Dead Sealife Continues to Plague U.S. Beaches

"Months after the hundreds of birds fell dead from the sky and after thousands of dead fish, crabs, sardines, dolphins, and whales washed ashore worldwide, more dead fish washed ashore in Alabama, and a dead whale washed ashore in Virginia. 

There's still no cause for the hundreds of dead fish that were found dead along the gulf shores over the weekend."

Counting corpses underestimates Deepwater Horizon whale toll

"A paper published today in Conservation Letters suggests that the number of whales and dolphins killed during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill could be as much as 50 times that originally reported."


European Union Proposes Banning Gas Fueled Vehicles by 2050

Charging ahead: Report predicts 3.8 million electrics on road by 2016

California Raises Renewable Energy Requirements