Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Bills, Baby, Bills

"Frustrated by the Obama administration's slow pace in restarting offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon accident last year, Republicans in Congress are proposing a range of bills to force the administration to accelerate the granting of drilling permits and open new offshore areas to oil and gas exploration."

Offshore oil drilling fight heats up

"The rhetoric about domestic oil drilling reached a fever pitch in Washington this week with the Obama administration touting the approval of more Gulf deepwater drilling permits and Republicans countering that the pace of permitting is still too slow."


"All of the Above" Is No Energy Policy

"..."all of the above" -- coal, oil, gas, nuclear, solar, wind, and so on -- 

 is a not an energy policy; it's a cop-out. It's how elected officials dodge hard choices about our energy security. It's how they avoid political backlash from energy interests, especially those with money and clout such as coal, oil and nuclear. 

"All of the above" is how elected officials minimize their personal political risk by shifting it onto the shoulders of the American people, who have to live with the consequences."

Five Myths About Gas Prices
"Americans have shown that they can adjust their behavior when faced with sticker shock at the pump. As gas prices rose from $2.31 per gallon in 2005 to $3.30 per gallon in 2008, sales of the Toyota Prius eclipsed those of the Ford Explorer, and public transit use reached a 50-year high. When it costs $30 to fill up a Geo Metro with regular, all options are on the table."