Monday, March 28, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Editorial: Drilling risks exposed

"BP's fault, Transocean's fault, Cameron International's fault, nobody's fault — all we know is the failure of the blowout preventer to do what it was designed to do — prevent the Deepwater Horizon disaster — underscores just how much of a gamble deepwater offshore drilling really is."

Device's Design Flaw Let Oil Spill Freely

""They have to rethink the whole design," said Elmer P. Danenberger III, who is not involved in the investigation, but oversaw U.S. offshore drilling rules until he retired in December 2009. 

The investigators' finding could be a problem for the oil industry. Drilling rigs around the world rely on blowout preventers, most of them with the same basic design as the one that failed on the Deepwater Horizon."


Volunteers work to repair wetlands damaged by Gulf oil spill

"Carrere said she worried that the rest of the country was convinced everything was fine and that the oil was no longer causing harm. "Based on what we're seeing today, it's obviously not fine," she said. "And it will require attention for many years.""