Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oil Drilling News


"In light of recent comments made by LDWF and NOAA biologists in an article on CNSNews.com that there is no evidence that ANY fish died as a result of the oil spill I feel compelled to revisit a few photos from the first days of the spill and to repost some information and photos gathered just this week by intrepid New Orleans photo-journalist Jerry Moran.  Jerry found the stench of death every where on Grand Isle, and mounds of dead fish buried in the sand by BP clean up crews, just this week!!!"

The Spill - On air and online October 26, 2010 at 9:00pm (check local listings)

The Weeks Bay Principles for Gulf Recovery

"Six months after the BP oil disaster began, the diverse communities that live, work, and derive benefit from the Gulf call on government to take responsibility to:

  •  Make coastal communities whole again;
  •  Commit to cleaning up and restoring the Gulf;
  •  Hold BP accountable;
  •  Ensure local participation in decision-making;
  •  Conduct short and long-term monitoring; and
  •  Invest in economic opportunities to support locally-driven, sustainable recovery that restores and enhances America's Gulf coast."


Group Wants Oil Drilling Ban in State Constitution