Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oil Drilling News


Federal Interagency Group Issues Peer-Reviewed "Oil Budget" Technical Documentation

"This report, following additional assessment and peer-review, is largely consistent with early results released by the federal government. The most significant change is a doubling of the expected amount of oil classified as "chemically dispersed" — revised from 8% to an estimated 16% with a possible range of between 10% and 29%. Additional data and studies have over the course of the past few months led the oil budget team to relax certain initial conservative assumptions with regard to the effectiveness of dispersant operations. The early estimate of the percentage of "other" (or, "residual") oil was 26%; the current version of the Calculator estimates it as 23%, and qualifies this estimate with the belief that, with high confidence, the true percentage should be between 11% and 30%."

Salazar's La. visit doesn't satisfy drillers, pols

U.S. Senate needs to pass drilling reform legislation now

"Eighty-four bills have been introduced in Congress since the Deepwater Horizon blowout proposing to reform offshore drilling or improve spill response. Two of those bills have passed the House, and none have passed the Senate. Without Senate action soon, offshore drilling reform will go nowhere, but the threat to our environment will continue."

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Litigation Database (Environmental Law Institute)
19 articles related to the oil well blowout and its aftermath.