Friday, May 13, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Oil Slick at Platform 23051 Site, Gulf of Mexico (Skytruth)

"today's MODIS/Terra satellite image shows what appears to be an 18-mile-long oil slick emanating from this location. We've been told the site leaks an average of only 14 gallons per day. Once again we see evidence suggesting a much larger leak."


House Passes Bill to Add U.S. Areas for Offshore Drilling

Interior drilling chief calls GOP oil bill a 'suicide pact'

""The one to accelerate lease sales ... would be, I think, struck down by the courts because the [bill] mandates us to rely on pre-Deepwater Horizon NEPA," he said in reference to National Environmental Policy Act analyses conducted before the BP oil spill. 

"Well, that's sort of a suicide pact, where we're going to go in, we're going to be forced to do lease sales with inadequate environmental analysis and we'll be enjoined from those lease sales. Who wins then? Nobody," he added of the bill that passed last week."


Senate Poised to Take Up Drilling Bills Passed by the House (NRDC blog)

Will GOP Rue Embrace of Big Oil?

"...taxpayer-funded subsidies for oil companies make voters furious -- which we have found in our research for some time. A massive 73 percent majority supports eliminating these giveaways, with 57 percent supporting this action strongly. "