Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Task Force Says BP Oil Spill Fines Should Go to Gulf Restoration


BP: Halliburton Destroyed Evidence in Spill Case

"Halliburton Energy Services (HAL) Inc. destroyed test results that showed samples of the cement used to seal London-based BP's Macondo well, which exploded off the Louisiana coast last year, were unstable, BP said in a filing today in federal court in New Orleans. The oilfield services provider also suppressed computer models that might prove Halliburton was at fault "because it wanted to eliminate any risk that this evidence would be used against it at trial," BP said in the filing." 

Bluefin Tuna Probably OK After BP Oil Spill

"Former NOAA chief scientist Sylvia Earle, a renowned ocean explorer who has campaigned against overfishing of tuna, isn't convinced that bluefin tuna weathered the oil slick. "I think it's too early to celebrate a possible greater survival than had been predicted. These are, after all, models," Earle said. "The truth is we don't have enough information to be able to clearly say one way or another what happened to the 2010 class of baby tuna.""


Intensity of debate over offshore drilling hard to calculate in Fla. Senate race


Blistering Rate Of Growth For U.S. Solar Industry