Friday, June 25, 2010

Oil Drilling News



Some oil spill events on Thursday, June 24, 2010


Press Briefing by National Incident Commander June 25, 2010


BP has blown-out well in sights

“BP said in a statement on Friday the first of two relief wells had successfully detected the MC252 well and would continue to a target intercept depth of 18,000 feet, when "kill" operations would begin.”

Also see: BP says Macondo wellbore detected by first relief well


Gulf Oil Spill - Radar Images June 22-23


Deepwater Horizon Blowout Gallery


Advances in Oil Spill Cleanup Lag Since Valdez


US Turns Down Offers of Assistance with Oil Spill


The Gulf Oil Spill - Could A Catastrophic Spill Happen Again?


BP’s Shadow Lingers in the Gulf of Mexico


The GOP’s Oil Spill Vulnerability


Tropical disturbance has potential to hamper spill cleanup

Track the progress of this and other tropical storms here.


Timor Sea Oil Spill Forcing NTT Fishermen to Migrate

“Thousands of fishermen in Kupang`s Oesapa area are preparing to migrate to Bangka Belitung in Sumatra to find a new livelihood, a fishermen's spokesman said. They will migrate because their fish catches from the Timor Sea have declined drastically since the waters were polluted by an [August 21, 2009] oil spill originating in Australian territory.”




Editorial: Gulf oil drilling mustn't supersede safety reviews


Lifting ban gives oil industry a pass


Judge In Moratorium Case Sold Exxon Stock This Week




Pensacola Beach closed after oil washes ashore


Oil spill takes toll on tourism on Gulf Coast


Casualty of Gulf oil spill: Local po'boys




Find an Event Near You and Participate Tomorrow at 11 am!


"Hands Across Sand" rallies against offshore oil


Surfrider's Hands Across the Sand


Join Hands to Protest Offshore Oil Drilling This Saturday, 6/26


Protesters of oil spill to gather in Huntington Beach




Moratorium Won’t Stop Unprecedented BP Project in the Arctic

“Liberty,” [is] a project in the Arctic for which BP has built an artificial island made of gravel—which according to the company and regulators, qualifies it as “onshore,” and not subject to the offshore drilling moratorium.




Oil entering Florida inland waters


Oil threatens medical research in Fla. water


Gulf oil spill prompts early harvest of scallops