Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oil Drilling News


U.S. Oil-Spill Panel Wants Changes to Command Structure on Drilling Rigs

More BP problems: The trust fund

Job Losses Over Drilling Ban Fail to Materialize

"Unemployment claims related to the oil industry along the Gulf Coast have been in the hundreds, not the thousands, and while oil production from the gulf is down because of the drilling halt, supplies from the region are expected to rebound in future years. Only 2 of the 33 deepwater rigs operating in the gulf before the BP rig exploded have left for other fields."

Drillers May Face Months of Waiting Even After Obama Lifts Deep-Water Ban

President's Oil Spill Commission Should Call for Permanent Protection of U.S. Coasts and Drilling Reform (Environment America)


Gulf oil spill: Has it caused a new fish kill?

Oil leak worries linger For many in Gulf, disaster not over

New Study Sees Dissipating Oil Spill


Corexit found in Orange Beach Waters

"It concerns me," says Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon. "And what it means is that we're going to aggressively go and try to find that corexit. We're going to start more aggressive testing in Cotton Bayou and other places and we're going to up the number of tests we run. Our job is going to be go find it, if it's there."