Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Experts Fear Another Oil Disaster

"The industry "is ill-prepared at the least," said Charles Perrow, a Yale University professor specializing in accidents involving high-risk technologies. "I have seen no evidence that they have marshaled containment efforts that are sufficient to deal with another major spill. I don't think they have found ways to change the corporate culture sufficiently to prevent future accidents." 

He added: "There are so many opportunities for things to go wrong that major spills are unavoidable.""

BP Not Alone in Lax Practices, Obama Spill Panel Says


'Oil above all': House approving offshore drilling

""This plan offered by the majority is not 'all of the above,' it is 'oil above all,' and it is a plan that would ignore the lessons of the BP spill, could make offshore drilling less safe and will continue high prices for consumers and robust profits for OPEC and Big Oil," said Rep. Edward Markey, D- Mass., the top Democrat on the committee."

Republicans push bills to boost offshore oil drilling


Algae could replace 17 percent of US oil imports: study

"A new PNNL study shows that 17 percent of the United States' imported oil for transportation could be replaced by biofuel made from algae grown in outdoor raceway ponds located in the Gulf Coast, the Southeastern Seaboard, and the Great Lakes."