Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oil Drilling News


BP gets OK to drill new deep-water well

"BP plans to drill the newly approved well in 6,034 feet of water - about 1,000 feet deeper than its doomed Macondo project. Drilling could begin within days using Seadrill's three-year-old West Sirius semi-submersible rig."

Post-spill, GOP still pushes 'Drill, baby, drill'


Rooney's offshore drilling proposal is making waves

"Last week, the Republican from Tequesta [U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney] unveiled a jobs proposal that would broaden the area where the state has authority over drilling (from 3 miles offshore on the east coast of Florida to 12 miles) and dangle a carrot before state lawmakers by promising Florida a percentage of the revenue from drilling leases. Rooney's plan also mandates more leases for oil and natural gas drilling in the federally controlled outer continental shelf."


Beach cleanup starts after tide exposes oil

"Experience has shown us that this is what shoreline clean-up looks like. Beaches get cleaned, oil is revealed by tides or weather, and they need to be cleaned again."
Does this sound familiar, Gulf Coast residents?


U.S. to invest $60 million on solar energy