Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Deepwater oil still "trapped" beneath ocean

"As well as the surface spill, they analysed a separate large plume at 1,100 metres below the surface that was moving horizontally." [...] "I think the most important lesson is that the use of deep-sea oil extraction wells has important risks that are significantly beyond what the industry anticipated when wells were first drilled. This will continue to be an issue in the coming years as pressure increases to develop these kinds of drilling sites."

Chemical Make-up of Gulf of Mexico Plume Determined
"In most instances the BTEX compounds are volatilized very quickly, such that exposure duration is very short," McDowell said. "The persistence of BTEX at depth poses an interesting question as to the potential effects of these compounds on mid-water organisms."

Where did the Gulf's spilt oil and gas go?


Senate Energy panel to consider offshore drilling-safety bill

Richard Charter's (Defenders of Wildlife) comment: "Making offshore drilling safer by enacting incentives for MORE of it?"


SkyTruth Alerts - Try It!

"Today we are launching a new service on our website called SkyTruth Alerts where we publish environmental incident reports, as we get (and produce) them. We are starting off the service with reports collected from three sources - focused heavily on oil and gas drilling and related activities in the US."