Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Documents show ties between oil drilling regulators and industry persist

"Ties between offshore oil and gas companies and the agency that regulates them are so pervasive that a year after new ethics rules took effect, as many as a third of inspectors in some Gulf of Mexico offices have been disqualified to avoid potential conflicts of interest."


Michigan Lawmakers Call Auto Mileage Proposals 'Overly Aggressive'

"Daniel Becker, director of the Safe Climate Campaign and a longtime environmental advocate and critic of the car companies, was critical of the lawmakers who have helped the automakers stave off previous efforts to improve vehicle efficiency. 

"Those wonderful folks who fought off attempts to make Detroit innovate are back urging President Obama to join their happy Luddite band," said Mr. Becker. "It is telling that their letter ignores the millions of barrels of oil, billions of tons of carbon dioxide and billions of dollars tough standards would save." "

Conservation: There Is No Alternative 
"Energy conservation is our best strategy for pre-adapting to an inevitably energy-constrained future. And it may be our only significant option for averting economic, social, and environmental ruin."