Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Hastings pushes supercommittee to expand oil drilling

"The Florida Everglades is a treasured natural resource that provides drinking water and other ecological benefits to much of South Florida. The state of Florida and the federal government have spent hundreds of millions of dollars restoring the Everglades—much of that at the direction of GOP Governors Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist. In 2002, the administration of President George W. Bush bought back oil and gas drilling rights in the Everglades for $120 million. 

Bachmann apparently does not realize that oil drilling in the Everglades has been studied and that there is broad bi-partisan consensus that it would be foolhardy—very little oil, very high ecological risk."

"Bachmann's drill-the-Everglades brain splat is just one in a long string of whacky, ill-informed and irresponsible comments Bachmann has made about energy and the environment. She recently claimed that if she were president, gasoline would fall below $2 per gallon. Either she is planning on instigating a massive economic depression, or she is totally ignorant of how the global oil market works. With only 2 percent or so of the world's proven oil reserves, U.S. production simply cannot impact the price of oil that much."


Offshore drilling would destroy way of life

Oil exploration under Arctic ice could cause 'uncontrollable' natural disaster


Florida Gov. Scott backs Everglades oil drilling