Monday, September 26, 2011

Oil Drilling News


BP Gulf of Mexico Drilling Plan Criticized by Environmentalists, Lawmakers

"BP last week filed its first permit application for new drilling since the Macondo well spilled almost 5 million barrels of oil into the Gulf over three months last year. Two of its rigs have started work near the Atlantis platform and the company has plans for its three other contracted rigs in the region, according to people with knowledge of the plans who declined to be identified because they hinge on gaining regulators' approval." 


More Science Needed to Protect U.S. Arctic Ocean (Pew Environment Group)
""If we are to avoid irreparable harm to an ecosystem found nowhere else in U.S. waters, we need to develop a comprehensive research and monitoring plan and set aside significant areas for protection," said Marilyn Heiman, director of Pew's U.S. Arctic Program."
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China Clamps Down on Offshore Drilling After Disastrous Spill

"After what China calls a distastrous oil spill off its coast, the country is quickly enacting tough "zero-risk" environmental standards that oil companies say are almost impossible to reach."
Maybe China is learning the hard way.  What have we learned?