Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Final Oil-Spill Report Chastises BP, Others

Report: BP ultimately responsible in Gulf spill

Report cites decisions, multiple causes for Macondo well blowout, oil spill

Gulf oil spill: BP gets most blame in government report

Bingaman on the Joint Investigation Report

Report Provides Strong Arguments for Banning New Drilling and Investing in Clean Energy (Oceana)


Oil Drilling Rebounds in Gulf After Spill

"Drilling has returned to near-normal levels in the Gulf. There are 23 rigs currently drilling wells in water deeper than 3,000 feet, according to federal statistics. That is the same number as two years ago."
That's funny, the right wing keeps talking about a 'permitorium '. 

Radar Satellite Images of BP / Deepwater Horizon Spill Area, September 11 and 14 (Skytruth)
"...we're not yet seeing a trend that would support the idea that oil is working its way up from the Macondo reservoir and turbocharging the existing natural seeps in the area, or forming new sites of chronic leakage.  But we don't have enough imagery yet to say for certain it isn't happening.  All we can do is keep looking, and compare what we're seeing now with images of this area from before the BP / Deepwater Horizon spill began last April.  We're working now on getting those historical images so we can establish that pre-spill baseline."