Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Offshore industry hopes for grace period on new rules

"Industry leaders say they are hoping for a transition period, during which federal regulators notify companies of violations but delay possible fines or other penalties."


New Documentary Says Gulf Oil Spill Crisis Isn't Over

"I used to be a surfer but I won't go in the water anymore," he said. "The last time I did my eyes and lips were burning."


Chevron suspects drilling caused Brazil oil spill

Petrobras field the source of serious deep sea oil leak (Greenpeace New Zealand)

Chevron Oil Spill off Brazil - 10 Times Bigger Than Official Estimate? (Skytruth)

Progress seen in fixing Brazil oil spill: Chevron

"Cementing of the well, which is suspected to have been a cause for the oil leak, will be finished in coming days."


Navy's first hybrid-drive warship goes to sea

""Everything that we see in the civilian world is going more electric. We've had hybrid-electric cars for awhile, now you are starting to see the all-electric cars come in. That's where the Navy is going," said Timothy McCoy, director of the Navy's electric ships office in Washington, D.C."