Friday, November 18, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Republicans push drilling plan to pay for roads, bridges

"The energy and infrastructure package also includes a proposal by Rep. Steve Stivers, R-Ohio, to lift a congressional ban on exploration in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and force the government to sell drilling leases in parts of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans."

BOEM Calls for Public Input on Proposed 2012-2017 Eastern GOM Lease Sales
"The general area of this Call covers approximately 657,905 acres, including a triangular-shaped area south of this area bordered by the Central Planning Area boundary on the West and the Military Mission Line (86ยบ 41'W) on the East. The area is south of eastern Alabama and western Florida; the nearest point of land is 125 miles northwest in Louisiana. For a map of the area, go to:"


Transocean Can't Blame U.S. for Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, Judge Rules

"Transocean filed a claim against the U.S. in February, contending the incident may have been caused in part by the acts of federal agencies and government employees."
How lame is that?  By the way, the rig operator in the recent oil spill off Brazil was - you guessed it - Transocean.


Legislation aimed at discouraging Cuban oil exploration

"Bill Nelson, Florida's senior senator, and a Senate colleague from New Jersey introduced a bill last week that would hold foreign oil companies directly accountable for oil spills that pollute U.S. territory. 

The bill was written in anticipation of a massive foreign offshore drilling operation that could begin in Cuban waters - as close as 50 miles from Key West - by late next month."