Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Shocker! Newt Gingrich doesn't understand oil

"Sadly, he's not alone, which is why this is worth debunking. Gingrich's sense that oil fields can be brought rapidly online, and his "we beat the Nazis and went to the moon so we can do this" statements reflect the general cultural misunderstandings about how oil is extracted that are endemic in our culture. While his claim that we could "open up enough oil fields in the next year that the price of oil worldwide would collapse. Now, that's what we would do if we were a serious country." is a bit of idiocy, it probably isn't atypical idiocy in a country that knows nothing about the basic geology that underlies just about everything."


Offshore safety chief: BP, 2 other companies face more safety citations in Gulf oil spill


Thankfully, West Coast Escapes Department of Interior's New Drilling Plans

"In the simplest of terms, if we can't clean it up, we better make sure it doesn't get spilled in the first place."


BP set to keep cleaning beaches

"As BP wraps up its oil spill cleanup phase and shifts into its restoration phase, one looming question remains: What about the tar mats still believed to be submerged along the shorelines of local beaches?"


Renewables future of energy, IEA says