Monday, January 24, 2011

Oil Drilling News


BP: 'An accident waiting to happen'

Lawmakers Gear Up to Drill Commission on Oil Spill Report's Findings


Battle Brews Over Interior Bid to Increase Regulatory Fees for Offshore Drilling Projects

"The proposal has drawn a hostile response from industry and Republican lawmakers who warn that raising fees could drive more operations overseas at a time when companies are already coping with new drilling regulations and a slowdown in permits."
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'Drill, baby, drill' is not a long-term strategy, Oil Spill Commission leader says

"...former Florida governor and U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, co-chair of the National Oil Spill Commission, said he fully expected supporters of a "drill, baby, drill" philosophy to be back in full throat soon. But, he cautioned, "If we were to adopt that and if the current estimates of reserves are accurate, we will drain the last drop of oil out of the United States in the year 2031." 

Underwater Tar Mats Off Escambia County (TV video report)
"Submerged oil has been confirmed in two areas off Escambia County...behind Eden Condominums on Perdido Key, and off Barrancas Beach inside Pensacola Pass. Those underwater tar mats are continuing to produce large tar balls and patties on the beaches nearby."


President Obama pressured to keep energy focus in SOTU address

Saudis to cut fossil fuel use

When the world's largest exporter of oil is talking about reducing fossil fuel use and increasing the use of nuclear and solar energy, it should give us all pause.