Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Are We Winning the Gulf Future?
"As the dust settles around President Obama's State of the Union, and the two Republican response speeches it inspired, I'm left a bit dazed.  How does the worst oil spill in U.S. history, which occurred just 9 months ago, fail to secure a mention? [...] Unfortunately, we're stuck in an ugly, messy situation in the Gulf.  The oil is still here, and still affecting our coast and communities.  We're staring at dying marsh, struggling families, and uncertain health impacts.  We're just starting down the long road to recovery.  I get it, the President wanted to stick to the bright and shining, 'winning the future' rhetoric, instead of scaring us with things like global warming, or the massive hit the Gulf ecosystem has taken from BP's crude.  But ignoring these problems certainly won't make them go away."


A push to quickly boost offshore drilling safety

Key House Republican's fix: drill for more oil

Alaska's senators push Arctic drilling at hearing


Administration Seeking Momentum for Clean Energy Standard

"President Obama and key members of the administration fanned the nation yesterday to promote his plans to expand clean energy initiatives, moving quickly to build momentum behind a key agenda item pitched to a national audience on Tuesday."