Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oil Drilling News


Environmentalists, oil industry seek mention of Gulf oil spill

"The American Petroleum Institute has made a major push to get Obama to mention the need for domestic oil, having lobbyists phone the White House and buying ads in big newspapers. 

"He has at his fingertips the ability to give the green light and we stand ready to assist," API President Jack Gerard said."  

Thanks, Jack, but I think you've 'assisted' enough already.

Transforming Deep-Sea Drilling

"Gone would be a system in which a small, underfunded, and poorly trained agency does double time—collecting industry-paid royalties while attempting to oversee industrial safety. In its place would be a new independent safety-only agency that uses risk-based regulations and more and better-trained inspectors to review and implement industry-developed, site-specific drilling management plans."


Virginia Beach council's vote on energy

"The council has been a diligent caretaker of the city's shorelines. It should take this opportunity to undo its vote on offshore drilling..."